Ep 37: John Ridley

It was hard to know where to start with Writer, Producer, Director John Ridley, he’s a creative carousel. An award winning one at that. His new project Guerrilla was a pretty good place to start, that led onto so many wonderful insights and opinions. I hope you enjoy listening.

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Ep 36: Ben Wheatley Part 2

It was an honour to have Ben Wheatley as our first ever Soundtracking guest in August last year. His new film, Free Fire, is fantastic, it’s funny, loud, and packs a punch in more ways than one. He’s also pulled in Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury to do the score, just one of the things we caugh up about. M

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Preview: Ben Wheatley Part 2

I could talk to Ben Wheatley about music and film for hours. Thankfully he is back for another visit this week, after helping us launch Soundtracking back in August 2016. Here’s a little taster of what’s to come.

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Ep 35: Stephen Woolley

I am so thrilled that Stephen Woolley is our first Producer for Soundtracking. He tells great stories and has been doing that for 3 decades in the films he’s producer, directed and exec produced. We only really scratched the surface with this chat, so I look forward to part 2. In the meantime this is a fabulous listen.

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Preview: Stephen Woolley

Producers, they are such an important piece of the film Jigsaw and to be honest, I’m never that sure, exactly what they do. What I do know is that the films that Stephen Woolley has been involved in over the years are exceptional. Here’s a wee preview of our full chat which you can hear on Friday. All I’m going to say is Absolute Beginners and David Bowie.

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Ep 34: Edgar Wright

To be honest the man needs no introduction, especially when it comes to films and music, he’s a bit of a master. This is Part 1 of Edgar Wright, a retrospect as such. Part 2 will come later this year when he releases his new film Baby Driver. In the meantime sit back and enjoy. It’s a brilliant ride.

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Preview: Edgar Wright

So I think Edgar might be one of my perfect people to talk to on Soundtracking. This is very much the first part of Edgar and we could have gone on for days. A little tease of what is to come in this weeks full episode. I had so much fun.

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Episode 33: Bill Condon

What a fantastic texture of films Bill Condon has worked on over the years. He had a very clear and specific vision of how he wanted to approach remaking the Disney Classic, Beauty And The Beast. That involved bringing the original composer along for the ride. Having worked on everything from Dream Girls to Gods and Monsters, Bill also delves into his back catalogue to share his musical experiences.

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Preview: Bill Condon

Bill Condon reflects on the composers and tunes that have inspired him ahead of hearing him talk about his new version of the Disney classic, Beauty and The Beast.

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Episode 32: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

I remember watching The Kings of Summer when it was released a few years back and feeling excited and thoroughly entertained by what Jordan Vogt-Roberts had created, but also what the future held for him as a film maker and me a film fan. Wait till you see what he has done with Kong! It’s like being on a roller coaster and in his own words, as ‘weird’ as he could make it. I hope this is the first of many of our chats.

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